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Radio Wave Insect Control Technique

Radio Wave (RW) or radio frequency is an innovative concept for controlling the behavior of living organisms.  It remains a matter of study and speculation, and only recently has research indicated the promise of the technology for commercial applications.

RW energy produces heat through agitation of bound water molecules and the process generates heat through ionic conduction and agitation of free water molecules in insects. As a result, more thermal energy is converted in insects.

RW treatments effectively control insects and pests present in a variety of locations, without negatively affecting food stuffs and storage locations. Considered to be a technically feasible process for large-scale commercial applications, RW treatments may serve as a non-chemical alternative to chemical fumigants for post-harvest pest control in agricultural commodities like almonds, pecans, pistachios, lentils, peas, and soybeans. It may thus reduce the long-term impact on environment and human health.

Although the effectiveness of using radio waves to kill destructive insects in agricultural products has been known for 70 years, the technique has never been fully applied on commercial scales. Recently a cooperative effort by research laboratories and universities is aiming to overcome the technical barriers for the use of radio wave heating to control pests.

Electromagnetic waves of radio frequency can make molecules vibrate and heat up --like microwaves heat food. The aim is to kill pest insects without killing the taste or texture of the food they infest. In recent years, there has been a large movement in electrical, radio wave, and microvibrational pest control devices especially to eliminate cockroaches and other common insects from homes.
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