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Controlling Lawn Insect Infestation Naturally

Lush green lawns are less susceptible to weed and insect problems. However the first sign of weeds should have you removing them. Pull them out when the soil is wet, right after a watering. They are easier to control when they are small before they dig in deep roots and begin to seed.

It is best to establish and practice preventative measures for lawn upkeep. Check regularly for first signs of insects, weeds and plant disease. An infestation of grubs can damage lawns. As the grubs feed on roots, they cause lawns to wilt, turn yellow and die out in patches. This attracts other foraging creatures to feed on insects. Also these insects feed on blades of grass.

It is best to go in for natural treatments and if the problem persists, identify the weed or insect for further action. If preventive and mechanical approaches are unsuccessful, use a reduced-risk pest control product. Before resorting to it though improve the general condition of the lawn by aerating, over-seeding and weeding by hand. Follow directions diligently before applying any product.

Prevent and control insect infestation naturally in lawns by:  

  • Using weed prevention corn gluten product to prevent their germination.
  • Use weeding tools to remove deep rooted weeds to prevent them from spreading.
  • Reseed affected area promptly to thicken turf naturally.
  • Frequently monitor areas to identify pests before they become a severe problem.
  • Determine the treatment needed to control pests to maintain grasses.
  • Provide good soil with ample depth and organic matter for nutrition.
  • Choose the right mixture of grasses for the conditions.
  • Improve drainage in wet areas.
  • Remove diseased leaves, plants and branches to eliminate rotting organic matter.
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