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Different Types of Insecticides

Different kinds of insecticides protect homes from insects. Insecticides are natural or organic and man-made or synthetic preparations, used to terminate unwanted insects. The three types include systemic, contact and ingested insecticides.

Systemic insecticides
get introduced into soil to be absorbed by plant roots, to move up on external surfaces of leaves, twigs, fruits, branches. They are poisonous for insects attempting to chew on the plant.

Contact insecticides
target insects hit by its application. Common household insect sprays are contact insecticides. Typical rat or roach poisons are Ingested insecticides in the form of bullets placed in homes for insects to ingest on.   

Insecticides widely used in agricultural applications, also use organic formulas for use in homes. Also synthetic preparations are also used to control pests in residential and workplace areas. Insecticides are further classified as either organic or inorganic.

Organic insecticides
derived from living organisms like plants or animals consist of plant oils or fatty acids.  Considered environmentally sound, they cause no harm. Inorganic insecticides are often derived from heavy metals and arsenic-containing compounds. Types of inorganic insecticides include boric acid, diatomaceous earth, and silica gel.

Silica causes suffocation in insects while boric acid is bait commonly used for ants. It is best to read instructions to learn of precautions and warnings. Some chemicals can be harmful and even fatal for pets and humans. Commonly-used synthetic formulas include pyrethroids and carbamates. Considered highly effective against insects they may come with potential dangers. Many are toxic although levels and types of insecticide toxicity vary widely.
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