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Natural Insect Control for Home

Insect control for homes keeps them free of pests, letting you enjoy health and comfort inside your own house. As chemical pesticides pose hazards, termites, ants and cockroaches can be dealt effectively by natural measures to control them before they get destructive. Insects are to be eliminated by eliminating all reasons for their entry – food and warmth!

Termites eat the woodwork to gradually destroy it. Prevent this by ensuring wooden areas of the house do not touch the ground. Dirt piles should be away from walls and plants should not grow from the ground to the siding. Do not pile firewood against walls and repair leaks close to wood structures.

Ants not only get to food but also the woodwork. Ant lines indicate the presence of nests in homes. Ensure there are no leaks to dampen the woodwork. Trees should not have branches touching the house, as Carpenter ants gain access from them. Smaller ants thrive on sweets and oil and infest kitchens. Keep food in containers and clean counter tops regularly. Empty garbage cans and keep pet food-dishes clean.

Cockroaches are hardy pests, but cleanliness and good sanitation reduces their menace. Roaches are active at night, and if you spot them in daytime, be sure the kitchen is infested. Cockroaches spread germs but you can prevent their entry by sealing all gaps allowing them access. Do not leave anything that they can feed on in the open.

Home insects cause damage to house structures and are not good for health reasons. Bees too damage woodwork besides stinging. A hole with a one finger diameter and sawdust beneath it means you have located the nest. Prevent bees from nesting in woodwork by applying a coat of paint. Look for telltale signs of infestation and take precautionary measures.
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